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"...this is not only an intelligent and honest film, it's creative and fairly groundbreaking."
--FILM THREAT (read the review)

"This is probably the most important film about a young generation since "Slacker."
--File Thirteen (read the review)

"It's a case of 1+1 equalling 6; the audio and the video bounce off one another to take the viewer to several other places."
--Cinematical (read the review)

"The noteworthy performances were the unique result of a group of inexperienced actors who forfeighted modesty to show young relationships as they really are – passionate, sometimes uncomfortable and always complicated."
--Skuawk (read the review)

"They show an uncommon bravery in their willingness to capture on camera every inch of skin, to often extremely unglamorous effect"
--The Austin Chronicle (read the review)

"'s refreshing to see a film like this, which reveals sex for precisely what it is, makes no excuses and adheres to no fantasies"
Reversing The Gaze (read the review)

"'Kissing' is a pleasingly laconic slice of post-collegiate life, hardly urgent, not quite slackerish, not about children of privilege, but about lazy afternoons and conflicts experience doesn't yet cover--with intermittent showers of fucking."
--Ray Pride, NewCity (read the article)

"A quirky, definitely sexy movie with an arresting performance from newcomer Kate Winterich"
--Gerald Peary, film critic, The Boston Phoenix

"I also liked, at the very bottom end of the financial scale in American independents, Kissing on the Mouth. Made communally by four recent graduates...features some of the most explicit, but also painfully truthful, sex scenes I have ever seen in a non-porno movie."
--John Russell Taylor, "The Times" of London

Interviews & Articles

Kissing on the Mouth and Everywhere Else: Intimacy in the Digital Age
BraintrustDV intervews Joe Swanberg (long in-depth interview)

Director Joe Swanberg is named one of's 50 "New Radicals."'s Ada Calhoun talks with director Joe Swanberg about the film.

The Chicago Reader profiles Joe Swanberg and the experience of making KOTM. (downloadable PDF)'s Ed M. Koziarski talks to Joe Swanberg about the trials and tribulations of selling a challenging low-budget film in today's marketplace.

Backstage Magazine talks to the filmmakers about stepping in front of the camera.

Chicago Sun-Times' Mary Houlihan discusses this 'labor of love' with Joe Swanberg.

Screen Magazine has a nice profile from one of the Chicago International FIlm Festival screenings.

Cinematical's Karina Longworth talks with Kate, Kris, Kevin, and Joe at SXSW.
Audio podcast. Approx 10 mins.'s Scott Weinberg interviews Joe Swanberg pre-SXSW.

WGN Radio - Nick at Night with Nick DiGiglio interviews Joe, Kate, and Kevin live from SXSW (mp3 27mb)

Misc. Mentions

IndieWIRE - pic of Joe with Bryan Poyser from SXSW near the bottom

Aint It Cool News 2005 SXSW Wrap-Up Report - nice blurb about the film

File Thirteen - blog with some KOTM pics and a Q&A pic

Independent Film Weblog - Sex in the 00's - nice pre-SXSW mention of the film.

Evan's America - Very nice write up about the film on this indie filmmaker's blog.

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